Project Description

Abbey Masters Building


About the Project 

The Abbey Masters Building was a hard bid project which came in over budget at the tender close. M Builds was contacted by the owners and we were able to value engineer the project so it met the community’s budget. The project consists of an extensive outdoor pool complex with a 3-lane Olympic pool, a 30 people hot tub, a fun pool with a large vortex, and a large spray park.

The interior of the building has a 3rd-floor hanging running track with an 11 mm sports floor. The 2nd floor consists of a fitness gym with two separate fitness studios. The main floor hosts 3 full-size gyms with 4 change rooms and an official’s office. The gym spectator seating holds over 200 people and is raised above the gym floor so there are no bad sightlines. There is also a large concession kitchen that serves both the interior and exterior of the building and finally a 3-storey indoor play park for the children.

Project Details


Abbey Masters


Hard Tender – Value Engineering

project schedule

13 months


$15.2 Million

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