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Paterson GlobalFoods Institute – Red River College


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Paterson GlobalFoods Institute is a new culinary arts training facility located at Red River College’s downtown campus in the heart of Winnipeg, Manitoba. The Paterson GlobalFoods Institute includes fully modernized classrooms for culinary, baking and pastry arts as well as hospitality management facilities and a student residence In 2013 RRC’s School of Hospitality and Culinary Arts opened in the addition, with 104 student housing units in the fourth to tenth floors of the tower.

As part of the renovation of the tower, both the exterior and interior of the Main Floor Banking hall were restored. Noteworthy features that have undergone rehabilitation include the restoration of the Banking Hall’s 28-foot ornate plaster ceilings, scagliola columns have been finished to match the original plaster colouration, historical colour schemes discovered during cryo blasting were recreated, marble floors, column bases, and wall bases have been restored to original finish, and gilded details were recreated.

The repair and replacement of the Terra cotta exterior, terra cotta balcony, foundations, historic annex colonnade and plaster pilasters, hardwood floor restoration throughout tower floors, marble floors including all tower levels and annex floor, historic marble stair, marble elevator lobby, and the re-purposing of marble panels salvaged from building complete the restoration of the structures. The existing marble corridors on the upper floors were restored and the new layouts planned around their re-use, with the existing hardwood floors in the student suites were sanded and refinished. The building envelope has also been upgraded with a specially designed spray insulation system that conserves energy but allows enough heat to migrate into the masonry wall system.

This will allow the brick to dry and prevent moisture damage that may otherwise occur. Notably, the building was designed to be a sustainable facility targeting LEED® Gold certification. The addition houses the bulk of the mechanical and lab equipment that has been designed to recycle cooking lab energy that would normally be discarded. Waste heat from the refrigeration systems is also captured to heat domestic water and the pumps that heat and cool the student residence. A new mechanical system and renovated envelope help to achieve a target of 47% energy cost savings over the MNECB.

Window sashes were milled to accept dual-pane, low-E glazing units and re-installed as hopper-style windows to increase thermal performance, for ease of operation, and provide fresh air to occupants. Adaptive reuse in a dense urban core, a green roof over the annex, targeted 44% water use reduction with low flow fixtures, waste management during construction, and the use of materials with low VOC’s, and recycled content also contribute to the sustainability of the facility. M Builds is very proud to have been involved in all aspects of this build. From interior setup to exterior retrofit to landscaping and sidewalks, M Builds has built today’s youths an outstanding facility to learn about the hospitality trade.

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Red River College


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14 Months


$27 Million

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